Special set Features include:

Train Master Command Base and Cab-1 remote and Command Control Video;

Command Controlled 4-6-4 Steam Engine; maintenance free can motor with flywheel, Die Cast Boiler, Tender Body,engine frame, trucks, Electrocoupler on rear of tender. Metal tender frame, drawbar, engine side rods and handrails, traction tire, puffing smoke unit, Red firebox glow, headlight, directional lighting;

9700 style boxcar with: Detailed molded body, trucks, brake wheel and operating doors:

One Visitor’s Center car from the following; 1994 Boxcar, 1995 Boxcar, 1996 Tank Car, 1997 Flatcar with trailer.

Minimum Radius: 0-31

Set Length: Approximately 42″

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Lionel New York Central Command Control Set Item # 6-21977