Non-powered, but includes all the other great standard LEGACY features listed on page 34-35 in catalog 2022 Big Book

Strobe, ditch and emergency lights as appropriate

Road number specific body detail’s

Unit pair switch for operation with F40PH Units.

Kinematic pilots.

Length: 14 3/4

Minimum Curve: 054




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As the F40PH fleet aged, Amtrak gave many a new lease on life as cab control units for push-pull service trains. Officially known as “NPCU” or Non-Powered Cab Units, the combination cab+baggage compartments quickly gave them a more popular nickname, the “Cabbage.” Whatever you call them, these units provide a safe operating platform for train crews when the locomotive is pushing on the other end of the train as well as additional baggage storage for passengers. Lionel’s NPCU’s are a perfect pair to your powered F40PH. Like the prototype, these aren’t powered, but have all of the other bells and whistles you want in a Legacy locomotive. When used in conjunction at either end of the train, you’ll get realistic sound and lighting functions in either direction. So get your orders in and put some Cabbage on your layout! Official licensee of Amtrak. Amtrak is a registered service mark of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.



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